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Mystery Traditions and Healing

Why do we need healing?   What is healing?  Why does your school offer so many healing programs?  These are questions we are asked, and they present us with a great way to explain the vast topic of healing.  

As human beings we are learning, experiencing, and testing life concepts.  Each of us is here to evolve and to integrate the experiences and lessons of life.  We are truly Goddesses and Gods in training.  Through living our lives, loving, risking, and experiencing all things each of us gains the experience necessary to ensure our evolution toward spiritual, emotional, and mental maturity.  The Mystery Traditions view Healing as a consciousness process rather than a diagnostic and treatment process! 

The Mystery Traditions also teach that the source of pain and suffering is resistance to light.   Without exception, everyone does this.  The process of resistance comes from the negative ego which we use as an anachronism for Edging God Out!  The ego leads us to emotional and intellectual attachment and the illusion that our physical world and life is REALITY.   Healing is the process of clearing our unconscious resistance to light, bringing us to a state of awareness of our inner divinity, and the union with our Higher Self.   If we understand this definition then we realize that healing is a lifelong process.   Life offers us ongoing experiences and challenges to evolve us, and often these experiences bring us an opportunity to heal ourselves and extend that healing to the mass consciousness. The process of healing is similar to creating balance, it is not a static state and therefore healing requires constant mindfulness.  To be healed is to live from a state of consciousness and emotion that can be described as Joy” regardless of the outer state and experience.

Healing requires that we work with our awareness.  We can do this by transmitting or “channeling” healing energy, balancing and clearing the aura, correcting the meridians and the etheric energy field, holding pressure points, or following the protocol for any particular healing method or modality.   In the Mystery traditions an endless variety of healing modalities are available!  Spiritual Mystery Schools teaches several modalities beginning with simple and easy techniques that do not require any channeling to modalities that include small rituals and ceremony.  Ceremony evolves the consciousness and psychology quickly, resulting in enormous changes in awareness and therefore healing.    The process of overcoming the negative ego is called Alchemy in the hermetic tradition, it is called Magick in shamanic traditions. 

The only healing that exists is self healing!  We can only heal ourselves.  What a healer really does is to TEACH another to heal themselves and hold the gates of energy open for that person to use as they will.  The process of healing and teaching are inseparable and the Client eventually will become the healer taking on responsibility for teaching others to heal themselves.  The truth is that Healers require healing!  The traditional modalities we offer allow the healer to heal at the same time they assist another by clearing energetic impediments to energy flow or resistance to light!     

Our Healing programs compliment traditional medical treatment and medication.  These services and training programs are not offered as a replacement for appropriate medical care!  Even though the philosophy we bring to healing is radically different than the philosophy of medicine, the techniques compliment medical care and do not interfere with traditional medical, pharmacological, and surgical approaches to healing! 

The Healers Code of Ethics:
1. I agree to maintain the highest standard of professional conduct towards the client and to society;
2. I agree to keep confidential any private information discussed with me by my clients.  I am fair and truthful with my clients. 
3. I agree to respect my clients' opinions and religious beliefs, and offer them an area to be themselves without judgement.
4. I do not medically diagnose, prescribe or treat unless licensed to do so.  I agree to inform clients that Natural/Holistic Healing is not a substitute for professional medical or psychological attention.
5. I agree that one can only truly heal themselves and that as a Natural Healer I am providing the means for them to attain this goal more easily and naturally.  I recognise and respect the validity of other methods of treatment and the ethical requirement of referring a client to appropriate medical treatment in addition to my alternative modalities. 
6. I agree to practice within the scope of my accredited training.  I will continuously seek to improve my knowledge and skills, in support of my client's wellbeing and my own professional competence;
7. I use Etheric Healing for the purpose of identifying imbalances and appropriate energetic and etheric balancing corrections.    
8. I agree to take my own health and well-being into account and treat my mind, body, and spirit with love and respect.
9. I uphold, at all times, the integrity of my professional colleagues.
10. I agree to make my living honestly and respect every living being.

The School of Etheric Healing

Spiritual Mystery Schools Healing programs are organized as the School of Etheric Healing.  Each program builds on the skills and techniques of the other programs.  Psychic and energetic healing is simply balancing of the energy forces within and around the body.   Dis-ease results from the damming up and restriction of energy flow.  Psychic healing or etheric "healing" involves operating on the etheric structure underlying it.

 “The term "Etheric" comes from the word ether, and it is defined as “the state between energy and matter.”   Etheric energy is also called bioplasma and orgone energy by others who have defined it.   Etheric Energy structure is generally defined as the first layer of the Aura.  It is located just outside as well as within your physical body, and it functions as a blueprint for the physical body. The Etheric Structure permeates the physical body. It gives the physical body shape and form, and this structure is why each of us resembles our spirit.  It is the energy pattern, a frame, or web; of every cell, organ, muscle, limb, and the bone and blood of the physical body.  “An etheric structure is a part of all forms in the physical, material world. The Earth has an etheric body which metaphysics says creates the above, upon and within aspects of Earth.”  The etheric body is not in reality a separate vehicle of consciousness from the physical body. It is directly connected with the physical and in metaphysics it is said to define as well as exhibit the state of physical health in the body.

The Etheric body is often described by psychics as a network of tiny energy lines like a sparkling web of light beams. It follows the outline of the physical body. The Etheric structure is like a magic blueprint for your physical experience in this lifetime.  The etheric body serves as a bridge between the outer physical world and the inner energy worlds.
The etheric body is an energy matrix. This energy field is a precursor to the physical matter of the body. The physical matter of the body tissues exist because of this energy which shapes and manifests these structures as non physical creations then anchors them with the physical matter they have manifested.   Another way to explain this is that the etheric is the divine thought manifesting the physical presence.  By the nature and the quality of our thought, we live-and we die.

The etheric energy brings down divine energy, absorbs the vital life energy of the universe and distributes this energy to the physical body. The Etheric brain transmits the perceptions of our physical senses to the Spiritual layer of the Aura, then reverses the process, transmitting higher consciousness from the spiritual dimensions to the physical brain and nervous system. This is how we are continuously connected to Spirit, how we heal, and how each of us will manifest the gifts of the spirit.  

Though this process of etheric communication we create consciousness.   The etheric energy helps us to understand the nature of reality, of physical health and illness, and of sleep and of rest.   The etheric energy manifests directly with the 3 Wills, namely the Will of Humans, the Will of Nature/Universe and the Will of God.  Working with these energies helps the person to harmonize the 3 Wills, which allows for greater alignment with aspects of their highest divinity.

The etheric body makes up a portion of the working aura and is the focus of our healer training programs.   Etheric healing allows the body to heal naturally moving toward a healthier and happier life.

Level I:  Laser Light Healing
This seminar is largely based on the technologies derived from Nicolas Tesla and Rudolph Steiner. In this seminar we explore lasers and their use with different other tools applied to the laser so as to create a maximum healing effect.

Light has been used for healing for many centuries, starting with the Greeks and Romans who recognized the positive effects of sunlight. We know that when sunlight strikes the skin, our whole body feels the benefits. Even our brain is affected by sunlight. As scientists have understood more about the nature of light and its positive effects on the body, they have been able to develop techniques and devices that use light as part of the healing process.
What we usually call light is the visible part of the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. We are all familiar with the rainbow effect and what we call light is that range of colors. Conventional light has a thermal effect; it warms up the skin. For example, ultraviolet light is the part of the spectrum that is responsible for tanning your skin; infrared light is used as a heat source.

The word "laser" is an acronym for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. The theory was first described by Albert Einstein (1879-1955) who paved the way for the development of the therapeutic laser.

The first low-level therapeutic laser was developed in 1962. By the end of the 1960's, Endre Mester in Hungary was reporting an improved healing of wounds through low-level laser radiation. Since then, scientists and doctors around the world have been using laser light to treat conditions that can affect all age groups.

By utilizing light healing, we can affect the whole body (aura, emotional body, skin, nervous system, respiratory system and brain).   This program does not require spiritual gifts, channeling energy, or any prior training. 

Come join us for this amazing healing technique!  This program is integrated in Teachers I Programs and is a “Handing Down” for Teachers to offer in their Light Centers.

Topics:   Theory of Light,The Tools of Light, Techniques for Using the Tools, Scanning and Healing with Light, and more.
Skills Mastered:   Practice with the tools and techniques, Ability to heal others immediately without channeling.
Benefits from the Program:   Personally experience the healing technologies of Light, Support others in the their personal evolution as a Light Practioner

Level II:  Galactic Ray Healing Modality
All New Program! This all new Program is open to everyone!  Connect to the energetic Rays of the Central Sun and the basics of channeling healing energy. This program is normally an introductory level program for Etheric Healing training. The program includes an attunement process that ensures everyone  is able to channel the energy.

Galactic Ray Healing is similar to Reiki. This program attunes each individual to the Energy of the Galactic or En Sofic Ray. Through the attunement energy flows continuously! This is a beginner program teaching the process of channeling energy. It is a phenomenal healing modality, providing each practitioner the ability to heal their family and friends with loving and gentle light energy!

For Teachers and Guides Attending Power Week I – Certify to Teach This Program.
Topics:   Basic Theory, How to connect to the Galactic Beings, Techniques, Sealing
Skills Mastered:   Channeling the Galactic Rays from the Central Sun, The healing and sealing technique, Feeling the energy and grounding the energy
Benefits from the Program:  Experience the healing for yourself, Ability to heal your family members and friends, Attunement to the energies is a lifelong gift! 
Now Available in Webinar Format!   Register at

Level III:  Medical Intuitive  & Remote Healer Training
A Medical Intuitive is a psychic or intuitive counselor who specializes in receiving information concerning the energetic health of the human body. A Medical Intuitive can energetically read the aura or energy field.  Some can also intuit the condition of organs, glands, blood, and other organ systems of the body.

This work is done by intuitively scanning the body for areas or imbalance that may need alignment or treatment. Often times the Medical Intuitive will be able to explain the connection of the energy to an emotion or an event causing the illness. Intuited information can then be provided to the client's medical doctor and/or health care professional for further evaluation and discussion of possible treatments. Many medical intuitive practioners work with (or are) medical doctors themselves.  These practitioners are often found in the areas of alternative healing arts which include energy work, bodywork, counseling, etc. These practitioners allow an inner knowing or intuitive nature to lead them where to lay hands on clients, offering them advice, etc. They can often identify energy blockages and imbalances, recognizing the strengths and weakness of their clients overall health and well being.

This program is for everyone.  Initiation is not required, and there are no pre-requisite programs required. 
Louise Hay's book entitled Heal Your Body is widely used as a medical intuitive resource book and we also recommend the Anatomy Coloring Book. 

It is important to remember that although a Medical Intuitive can often see what a traditional examination may overlook a session with a Medical Intuitive is not recommended as a replacement for medical treatment.
Topics:  Dowsing, Scanning, Working with Angels and Archangels for Healing Work, Remote Scanning Sessions
Skills Mastered:   Dowsing, Energetic Scanning, Remote Techniques, Practice with others attending
Benefits:  Practice with others attending, opportunity to validate your scanning ability, Simple and easy techniques.    
Now Available in Webinar Format!

Level IV - A:  Etheric Healing Modality I
The Etheric Energy structure is located just outside of your physical body, and it functions as a blueprint for the physical body.  It is truly the magick blueprint for your physical experience in this lifetime.    It is possible to heal and adjust the Etheric Body with tremendous, often immediate results in the physical! 

This program begins with basic instruction about the Etheric Body and energy systems that support the physical and etheric structures.  It ends with mastery of many techniques of Etheric Surgery and Healing!

Topics - The structure of the etheric body and auric energy field, the layers of the etheric structure and aura, Etheric Structures – Armor and Crystals, layers of the chakras. 
Skills Mastered:  Basic Aura Reading and Healing; Central Core opening and adjustment;  the Matrix structures with release of karmic matrixes; Etheric Armor and Etheric Crystal removal; Light, Color and toning to balance the etheric and auric energy field, Reading and Balancing the Chakras

Benefits from the Class:
.: Personal Healing and Balance
.: An easy method to enhance any other kind of energy work you already offer
.: Greater knowledge of energy and how it works
.: Greater ability to understand the people around you and assist them with empathy and love.
.: Immediate Ability to work as a professional healer after certification in the program
.: Over time as you do the work you will evolve in your abilities to feel, see, and hear energy and structures in the etheric field.
.: The results are fast! Reduce physical healing time after surgery.
.: You will develop the ability to read the aura as you offer etheric surgery
.: Be one with the Universe as you perform this sacred healing work.

This program is integrated in Teachers I Programs.  Now it is also available in many locations throughout the year.  This program allows you to certify as an Etheric Healer and “Handing Down” is available for experienced Teachers and Guides.

Introduction to Etheric Healing is Now Available in Webinar Format!

Level IV – B:  Etheric Healing Modality Advanced
Advanced Etheric Healing builds on the knowledge you have already acquired in Etheric Healing.  The skills mastered in Basic, Light Laser Healing, and Galactic Ray Healing are very supportive to this work.

The energy field often contains stuck emotional energy, thought forms or belief structures, and trans-temporal trauma.  The higher layers of the Aura are the focus of this program and you will learn many quick and easy modalities to support your clients to create change in their lives. 

Topics – Energetic manifestation of past life trauma, diagnosis, and healing; Energetic manifestation of current lifetime trauma, diagnosis and healing; Thought forms their life and process.
Skills Mastered:  Advanced Aura Reading and healing, Reading the petals, black spot reading and healing, thought form location and removal, working with the Matrix for Integration and Healing, Advanced energetic channeling techniques.

This CERTIFICATION PROGRAM is the ultimate method of quick and easy healing methodologies and it is extremely effective as well as safe!  Learn today!

Level V:  Ceremonial Healing Modality

Ceremonial Healing, is the essence of transformation. It is critical to the manifestation of the light body and gives the clarity to use the power of the light body at a conscious level! This certification program is open to all Mystery School Teachers and Guides.
If you have attended Teachers I, or certified as a DNA Activator and Etheric Healer you are qualified to attend.  

The Essence of Ceremonial Healing…
Unified Chakra Awakening - In the new energies, our current Chakra system has expanded to 2,418 points. Via the gentle, tactile awakening of 102 of these points, the Unified Chakra Awakening literally awakens all 2,418 centers.  This training is integrated in Teachers I Programs.  Unified Chakra is a complementary modality for DNA Activation follow up. 
Starseed Healing - This unique Galactic healing utilizes crystals, chimes, and a tuning fork to cleanse and harmonize the body’s energetic system.  This program is integrated in Teachers I Programs.  Starseed Healing supports DNA Activation by clearing stuck patterns in the Etheric Energy! 
Tree of Life Healing - The ten different spheres in the Tree of Life, representing ten different aspects of God (like wisdom, understanding, mercy, severity, beauty ... ) are illuminated, balanced, and healed, using a Tibetan bell.
Seal of Salomon Healing - The various vibrations and frequencies of 12 different colored stones, along with accompanying, varied imagery, are emblazoned into the client with the extremely potent energy of the Seal of Salomon.
Tone Healing - some of the 72 sacred names of God are toned into the very core of the client's being.
Aura Healing - Black spots in the aura are healed.
Purification by Light Healing - entities not of the light, are sent back to the light.
Personal Forgiveness Healing - seven different bodies are healed, ranging from infant ... to teen-age ... to etheric body.
Perception Healing - thirteen different aromas are utilized to remove negative associations in corresponding brain regions.
Introduction to Ceremonial Healing is Now Available in Webinar Format!



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