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The Great Pyramids of Cheops in the Valley of Giza in Egypt has been a riddle to humans for centuries. How was it built, when, by whom and for what purpose? These are the most commonly asked questions and they form the essence of the mystery of the Great Pyramid. Archeology has been trying to answer these questions for hundreds of years but has only given us different ideas about the truth, or what the truth might be.

According to the Pyramidologist, Adam Rutherford, the Great Pyramid is a library of information about Earth and its people, revealed through numerology. The Metaphysician, Paul Brunton, explains how he spent a night in the Great Pyramid and was shown by Spirit Guides that the purpose of it was to initiate Adepts to Priests. Other ideas are that the pyramid is there to guide people to the truth, to be a beacon in hard times such as floods etc.; that it is a power station for becoming ever young and this is supported by some research that indicates the process of decay is slowed or stopped entirely in the pyramid.

There are many ideas from scholars, scientists, and laymen. The purpose of the Great Pyramid can only be likened with such relics as "The Holy Grail", "The Ark of the Covenant", "The Holy Sword of Power ' Excalibur' " and to places like Macchu Pichu, Stonehenge and the Holy Land of Tibet. The Great Pyramid is probably all the above ideas and symbols in one, and more.

It is the most important building structure on this planet today, and will play a major role in the times to come.

So what has the Great Pyramid to do with my topic of Initiation?

The Great Pyramid was once the center point of initiation on this planet. It was the center of the Ceremonial Center built by the Atlanteans and in tradition Mystery Schools gather there each August for Initiation and Ceremony.

So what is Initiation and what purpose does it serve?

For those of us who work with the Light in many different fields such as Reiki, Ritual Magic, the Healing Arts, Channeling, Psychic Work, Martial Arts, Crystal Healing, Palmistry, Astrology, Alchemy, Wicca, Yoga and many other forms of spiritual work, the need to be "validated" or certified by an authorized source is helpful. Initiation through a Mystery School offers this certification as a healer, Metaphysical Teacher, and activator. Initiation makes things easier, the Light flows better - with more clarity. When we become an initiate we may feel that the powers that we have been drawing upon have in some way altered and become more physical and stronger. After an initiation we have physical connection with the powers of the universe and the magical current the school is sourced from, and thus we can more easily draw the powers of heaven.

Now for those who draw mainly upon the powers of Earth in Shamanism, initiation provides the sense that power has become more celestial and clearer for use, and the energy is more available to us at any time. In Ritual, the energy an Initiate works with is enhanced 10 fold, and the four elements and the four directions give us much more support than before.

The laws of the universe have been slowly entering the collective consciousness of humans on Earth and thus we have become more and more a part of the universal collective consciousness and we have gained more insight into the deep spiritual laws that rule the world.

Religion defines for us the true meaning of life and we, when we see it, do remember this. We get glimpses of our celestial origin, and in time, we realize that we are Gods in becoming. As such, we do not have any problems with following the universal laws, - indeed all the laws that we need to follow. This is in the nature of our Divinity. Many, many Light Workers are struggling with difficult worthiness issues as they begin and pursue their work, their service to mankind. Initiation is the solution to those issues!

So what, according to the universe, does it mean to be "worthy?" The tool for going through life and gaining wisdom is the "knowledge triangle." The flow of energy in the universe is based on this triangle. The triangle is based on the three points leading to enlightenment, to clarity of truth, and finally to spiritual salvation.

We Initiate in order to elevate the consciousness of the Individual, to allow them to connect with the magical current (also called power) and the beings of the Hierarchy of Light that flows behind the current. Initiation provides 10 times the energy and contact with G-D and the Hierarchy of Light. Initiation confers protection that is impenetrable to the “forces of chaos” as long as the Initiation is intact.


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