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The Alchemy of Consciousness - Knowledge

In the Western world there is a legend about an Alchemist who had the power to turn lead into gold. Through the study of Alchemy we learn there is some truth to this idea, but it goes much deeper than that. Ask yourself what can be more valuable than gold?

Alchemy is the magic of Consciousness, and has been made popular today through programs like “The Secret”. A one word definition for alchemy is evolution, which is defined as; “Creating a gradual change from something base or coarse, to something finer and more evolved.” Alchemy transforms consciousness and transmutes the body through 12 Steps of Evolution.

Alchemical Consciousness evolves as we learn and acquire KNOWLEDGE.

The purpose of a Mystery School is to teach and thereby bring through the knowledge of the mysteries.

True Adepthood begins with Knowledge as you become "A person of Knowledge". The path of knowledge evolves with Initiation and empowerment is the result. Knowledge is the foundation upon which we achieve Alchemical Consciousness!

Knowledge is acquired on three levels simultaneously, - this is the forward motion of life. It is also the foundation we use to evolve Higher Consciousness. The levels are:

  1. The physical body and the 5 senses of perception. This allow us to begin the process of Higher Consciousness, which results in the elimination of negative ego. This is how we develop Postive Self Esteem, which is the foundation of all achievement and knowledge.
  2. Our Spirit guides and the Hierarchy of Light, which comes from the soul. This Knowledge allows us to exercise discernment and learn to make the right choices in favor of that which does not manifest a progression toward Higher Consciousness.
  3. Spirit or God, which means to be ONE with God and to live from Higher Consciousness. Through this state of oneness we are said to be in tune, connected to our Spiritual contacts at all time, and part of the energy flow which is literally the Will or Intent of God. From this level, we are empowered to follow the Laws of life.

There are three levels expressing through the laws of life:

«  Laws of God

«  Laws of the Universe

« Laws of Humans

Knowledge is of no use unless we understand it. The process of Understanding flows through four steps - which the Mystery School traditions call the Pillars of the Tree of Life and these are:





















Through these steps we arrive at the threshold of understanding and with time and increased mastery of the Alchemy involved in these steps, we gain greater levels of understanding of knowledge. This is the evolution of Higher Consciousness!

Eventually with continued study, we begin to realize the steps to ultimate wisdom or "self realization". These steps are called Ascension, and this occurs through 12 Steps of Light Body Consciousness


1.       Service to self


2.       Service to others


3.       Service to God/Universe


4.       Be true to self

(we are physical - BE)

5.       Know thyself

(who am I)

6.       Know one's purpose

(what am I)

7.       Love all beings

(respect God the source of life))

8.       Overcome fear

(I Am presence within))

9.       Be true to the way

(Find your true place))

10.  Be true to oneself

(Create & teach your message)

When we have reached wisdom, which is the application of knowledge through the physical body and senses, the process begins again. We continue to progress on the path of knowledge, this is an eternal process. When we work to acquire knowledge we experience a descension of energy and light. The energy flow moves forward towards a better quality of life, then upward towards fulfillment of our divinity, and finally flows downward to complete our contract with God and of the cycle of life. This flow of energy to support our acquisition of knowledge goes on and on, into eternity and the all that is. The process of evolving in terms of our Knowledge is a divine process.


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