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Spiritual Mystery Schools and all affiliated Ray Mystery Schools, are authentic Mystery Schools offering training and Initiation. The Schools offer teachings in the areas of Hermetic Knowledge, Ritual, Ceremony, Kabbalah, Healing, and Spiritual Development. Spiritual Mystery Schools opens its doors for all to receive this knowledge in accordance with the Universal Laws:



The global network of Spiritual Mystery Schools are dedicated to bringing forth the Three Rays that form the foundation of Mystery School teachings. These Rays are: The Orange Ray of Wisdom and Knowledge, The Green Ray of Power and Spiritual Gifts, The Violet Ray of Love, Devotion, and Worship. Together these three Rays, in balance, bring forth the evolution toward to higher consciousness which we call "Alchemy".


In the ancient traditions and in the new energy of the Age of Aquarius this truth and connection to the rays remains the same!

The Mystery School Initiates have always called themselves Light Workers, and in all things we believe in the one God! Whatever name you may use to define the Divine Creator of all, we are in service to that God for the benefit of Humankind!

We believe in the divinity and good of the human race. We teach that humility and service are the keys to Heaven, and these qualities will guarantee our return to ONEness. We are Eternal Beings. Each of us has always existed as Spirit, and each of us will always be in existence. We honor the experience of physical life as a learning opportunity, and we embrace it with zest and passion. Love is the energy that we live by and we direct love towards appropriate action whether that is healing, teaching, or comforting another!

The Spiritual Mystery Schools do not represent any religion or political party. We provide sacred space, a haven from the things of the world. We attempt to experience all things from an eternal perspective, and we accept all people equally without prejudice towards any on the basis of race, sex, or circumstances.    

Spiritual Mystery School Initiates come from many different nations and different paths of spiritual thought and experience. Together, we create a forum where we can work together as a whole and concentrate on the ideas that 'unify us' and not on the issues that might 'divide us'. We are Light Workers in pursuit of Knowledge, Wisdom, Empowerment, Joy, and Love! We are in the process of "The Great Work," creating the fabled alchemical divine union between our bodies, our souls, and our spirits while incarnate on the Earth! Join us on the journey ahead!

Spiritual Mystery School conducts teachings globally. SMS is the global umbrella organizing and supporting our network of affiliated "Archangelic Ray" Mystery Schools. Together we train highly qualified Teachers and Guides, our higher Initiates. These dedicated Light Workers are teaching globally, and furthering the Mystery School work for all!

The Ray Mystery Schools are each independant, with leadership established through a team of 5 Guides and a Maitreya Council of 12 Guides. The Maitreya Council is an Advisory Board of Directors. Each of the Archangelic Ray Schools provides Initiation, leadership, training, and Healing supporting the many affiliated Teaching Centers, Lodges, Temples, Light Centers, Covens, Clans, and Seminar Companies springing up in the energy this time of light brings us.

All true seekers of Spiritual knowledge, love, and empowerment are invited to experience the revealing of the Great Mysteries of Life. Spiritual Mystery Schools leadership is in direct contact with the great Magi we also call the Hierarchy of Light. Collectively, these are the powers of Heaven and the Universe. Spiritual Mystery Schools are grateful to be of service in leading "Spiritual Seekers" to the illumination and understanding of the Mysteries. We believe that "Knowledge is the People's Right".


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