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Ceremony and Ritual Mastery Training Program

Ceremony and Ritual Mastery Training Program
An Opportunity to Serve

The Ceremonial Master is literally a Ceremonial Leader. This is another term used to describe a Guide; 3rd Degree Initiate. The Ceremonies a Guide normally offers in their Light Centers or Lodges are Initiation Ceremonies, Healing Ceremonies, Cycle of Life Ceremonies, and Celebration Ceremonies! This program offers the specific Ceremonial Training necessary!

The true role of a Guide operating from their own Light Center is similar to that of traditional or alternative Clergy. 7th Ray Mystery School integrates the training of Ceremonial and Ritual practices into our standard curriculum. Ancient Ways, Modern Powers and Celtic Shamanism Apprenticeships are two programs that offer this Integrated Approach. In our tradition, Ceremonial and Ritual Mastery begins with the Adept Curriculum. It continues through Teacher Training Programs, many of our Core Programs require Ceremony and/or Ritual as an essential part of the teaching. In the Guide Program a complete understanding of Ceremonial Practices, Ritual Work, Writing Ceremony and Ritual, and Mastery of the Basic Ceremonies required of 3rd Degree Leaders is required.

Ceremony and Ritual develop the connection to the Magical Current that is the Power/ Energy Base of the Light Center or Lodge. Behind that Magical Current flows direct connection to the “Contacts” of the Mystery School. These Contacts are defined as the Archangel sourcing the Mystery School, The Hierarchy of Angels, The Masters of Light, The Hierarchy of Light, and the Spiritual Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light. “Power is developed through the correct application of Wisdom and Love, through Ritual and Ceremony. The power directed through Ritual and Ceremony is the power of LOVE, the only true power in the Universe. Wisdom is acquired by the experience of correct actions, based on true knowledge and insight. Love is developed through meditation which prepares the heart for the illumination of Union and oneness with ALL.”

Spiritual Mystery Schools use Ceremonies for many purposes, the most frequent being Initiation. Ceremony and Ritual are used to invoke enormous changes in consciousness and empowerment. These changes lead you to recognize the inner realities behind the outward appearance. All Adepts, Teachers, and Guides are welcome to participate to evolve your skill in Ceremony and Ritual

We Offer Two Complementary Ceremonial Training Programs:

  • Ceremonial Master (Level I, Level II, and Level III)
  • High Priestess / High Priest in the Celtic Tradition.

The Ceremonial Master Seminar Program: 

  • Introductory Level:  – Shamanism, Ceremonial and Ritual Basics, Evocation Basics, Tools, Consecration, Ritual Keys, Cord Cutting, Initiation Ceremony, and Prima Training. 
  • Intermediate Level:  - Ritual and Ceremony Handing Down, Isis Tradition, Kabbalah Rituals, Hermetic Tradition, Writing Ritual and Ceremony, and Secunda.  
  • Advanced Level:   - Retreat with Vision Quest, testing your ability to hold energy, and Initiation. Adytum Creation, Advanced Magical Skills and Evocation Training. This 3rd Step includes a 3 day fasting vision quest and completes your training!

As a Mystery School our goal for the program is to allow our Initiates to really master the process of ceremony.  We train you to clearly understand how to create and use ceremonies.  Ceremony provides practioners with the ultimate potential for change, healing, and manifestation.  Ceremony opens all the doors bringing energy through the veil for the Ceremonialist to use according to will.   If your personal goal is to further your own Spiritual Evolution this may be a path that is appropriate for you.  If your goal is to also support all humankind and help to create this world with all the elements for joy then this is THE path!

Application Each Initiate must complete an Application. We need to evaluate what you already know! A specific program will be developed for you to finish your training and efficiently learn what you need to know to do the work!   Our goal is to make this as cost effective and efficient as possible for all those who wish to learn to master ceremony. 

Reduced fees are negotiated for some transfer students. The program is taught at Headquarters in Utah.
This program covers basic Ceremonies from a variety of traditions.  Our philosophy is one of Inner and Outer Peace.  This is based on the Joy of Service, the Power of Love, and an attitude of “Do No Harm.

What are the benefits of this Path?

Answer: As a Ceremonial Master one has the power to command the Powers of Heaven and the Universe to do what you want them to do. This also entails commanding an Angel to do a specific task for you. The deeds of a Ceremonial Master are always GOOD unless he/she chooses the Dark side of the FORCE. This is unfortunate since it will only create bad things for the aspirant. So be it! We who serve the Light under the constant guidance of GOD and the Hierarchy of Light have the benefits and blessings of the Light. We stay in the flow of things and the FORCE is with us in a major way. We have the guidance of the ARCHANGELS and other good beings. We are a spiritual community and we serve together in the Light; we serve all who need us without thought of color or creed or status of employment. We are in bliss of Light and these are the main benefits of the Ceremonial Master Program!

A Ceremonial Master brings balance and harmony to the magnetic structures of the planet and so he must be in balance and harmony. What is Ceremonial Magick? Answer: Ceremonial Magick is the art that leads to the power that controls the energies of heaven and the universe—the energies of creation! How can I attain that? Answer: By practicing constant and total mind control. Our thoughts are our strongest ally and our worst enemy. Any thought of ill intent or thoughts that demean other people are NOT appropriate for a Ceremonial Master or in that sense any human that chooses to work in the Light. To be a Ceremonial Master is to control our thoughts at all times. We do not let down the guard at any time. Practice this constantly and you will have success in this. The Path of the Ceremonial Master is NOT easy and we must accept that it is a HARD one, without doubt the HARDEST path you have ever chosen to walk. But by choosing a certain lifestyle where the energies flow in a good way we can make that path easier and more enjoyable.

Authority and Lineage

Authority and Lineage As a student of a Ceremonial Master you will be adopted into the North American Universal lineage. This is sourced from Native American Shamanism, Celtic Shamanism, and African Shamanism. It is sourced by Archangel Metatron and the Magical Current anchored here in the Rocky Mountains of North America. This is necessary for the powers to come down and empower you. In this the student can be a part of that magick and partake of the powers that have been given that particular clan or lineage. The authority is given with the initiation each Ceremonial Master gets after he / she successfully finishes the Ceremonial Master Programs. The lineage and authority that you are going to become a part of is: The North American Tradition and the Ray of Metatron. If you are in Japan, the Ray of Gabriel is added to the lineage.

Examples of study:

A.    Tools of Ritual Meditation, Relaxation, Correct Breathing, Visualization, Mediation

B.    The language and text of ritual  

C.    The Shamanic Journey  

D.     Ritual Understanding: Shamanic Rituals, Viking Rituals, Celtic Rituals, Kabbalistic Rituals, Universal Rituals and much more. This path opens the Profession of Clergy in the Shamanic  Traditions. It is customary for a Ceremonial Master to be paid for the ceremonies and services they offer 

E.     Ritual Work

List of Professional Services provided by a Ceremonial Master:

1.       Ceremonial Healing as well as healing through various Healing Modalities and Methods
2.       Sanctifying Tools, Homes, Temples, and other acts of Purification
3.       Exorcism, houses/people
4.       Ceremonies for the Cycles of Life – Birth, Naming, Honoring Adulthood, Marriage, Death
5.       Summoning of Beings and Energies
6.       For Empowering People and uplifting their emotions, against despair
7.       Initiation and Empowering People
8.       Empowering Houses
9.       Seasonal Rituals and Sabbat Celebrations to Connect People to the Energies of the Earth
10.    For Manifesting, Abundance, Prosperity, and all forms of Wishes Coming True
11.    To Bring in Light and managing the forces of chaos
12.    Calling upon the Gods and Goddesses
13.    Calling upon archangels
14.    Uniting people in a group, family, lodge, or City
15.    Protection rituals
16.    For Redirecting Energy and Resolving Problems
17.    For love
18.    For children
19.    For animals
20.    For manifestation
21.    To understand dreams
22.    For the future
23.    For abundance
24.    For understanding the mysteries

Introduction to Ceremonial Mastery:  Core Online

Topics :  Ceremonial Master Online Core: 

Skills Mastered:  Beginning to work with Ceremony, Intention, and gathering the basic tools of ceremony.  Register at


The Ceremonial Master Apprenticeship Program:

Ceremonial Master Apprenticeship with Initiation into the Ancient Traditions
Master the Ancient Ways for Modern Times and serve as a Ceremonial Master.

This Apprenticship Program is all inclusive and Includes the Following In Person Seminars:

. Adept Skills Intensive (Including DNA Wand and Starseed Kit)
. Ceremonial Master I
. Ceremonial Master II
. Celtic Shamanic (Wicca) Priestess /Priest Initiations
. Ceremonial Master III & Vision Quest
. Celtic Shamanic High Priestess/ High Priest Handing Down
(These programs have a value over $5,000)

This Apprenticeship Program Also Includes the Following Webinar Training Programs:

• Ceremonial Master Introduction with Core Teachings Webinar;
• Adept Theory Webinar;
• Gifts of the Spirit Basic Webinar;
• Elemental Alchemy Webinar;
• Wheel of the Year -Celtic High Priestess / High Priest Webinar Training,;
• Year of Study Psychic Skills (training to summon and manage energy);
• The Sacred Altar Webinar;
• Adept II: Theories of Light Webinar;
• The 12 Races Webinar,
• Astral Travel Webinar,
• Divine Geometries Webinar,
• Energetic Hygiene and Soul Retrieval Webinar, (Includes Exorcism Basics in a New Expanded Program)
• Introduction to Qabalah Webinar,
• and Laurie's mentoring …..
(an added value of over $4000 if these programs were to be taken individually)

Become a Person of Knowledge and Power! :

This program usually requires 3 years to graduate. You may work at your own pace from home and plan to attend programs in Utah one at a time. This begins your Initiation into the work of the Ceremonial / Ritual Master!

Ceremonial Master Apprenticeship is a great Value offered in one economical package!

Integrate & Manifest Ancient Powers as you live life in the Modern World Make the work of Ceremonialist, Healer, Psychic, and Teacher your work in the world with Laurie Gudnason

Tuition for Apprenticeship is $7000.00 Spread your payments over time. To participate in the program we require a deposit of $1100 and $200 monthly payments for 31 months. We require that you establish a credit card monthly charge or PayPal Subscription. With the payment option the total chare is $7300.00. Pay in full option $6400 saves you $600.00!

High Priestess / High Priest Training and Initiation in the Celtic Tradition
Elemental Alchemy – Foundations of Magick Webinar

This one day program has earned Spiritual Mystery Schools the name, “The Harry Potter School”!  This program is a great introduction to Elemental Alchemy.  It includes many aspects of the full four day program, but only one hands on learning opportunity.   This program includes nearly the same instruction, the same written materials, and the same recipes.  It includes one “hands on” opportunity to work with all 4 elemental processes in one spell.  

This program allows you to master the process of working magic with the elemental forces on your own time at home.   This is a basic “hands on” program, and with the manual you will be able to practice , use the exercises, and learn the skills of magic.    Anyone can work magic.  You don’t need special abilities or psychic gifts.  You don’t need Initiation or magickal training beyond these simple basics.  . 


Fire:   The basics of candle and fire magic.  Learn to inscribe, anoint (also called dressing), and charge a candle for YOUR specific purpose.  Learn to write a parchment, anoint yourself, and read the candle as it burns.   Learn to activate medallions, make amulets and talismans.  Fire does it all!

Air:  The basics of aromatherapy from the magical side!  Learn how to shift your consciousness in under 3 minutes.  Learn how to blend essential oils for magical purposes and how to read scents.  Learn by mixing various magical blends yourself!   Learn to smudge, bless, and clear the aura with the magic of air.   Learn to use casting and magical powders and incense.

Water:  We all clean our bodies, our homes, and our clothes.  Learn to do magic at the same time.  This program includes the procedure for making magical teas, washes, and baths.  Learn to make your own flower essences and gem elixers. Learn about tinctures and, fruit and flower waters, and blend your own bath salts for YOUR magical purpose. 

Earth:  Learn how to mix herbs and create a spell bag or Mojo as it is called in HooDoo.  Learn how to use herbs and the powers of plants to achieve your objectives with magic and pure energy.  Learn to create amulets and talismans, how to set a temple for working, how to manifest, and how to put all the other elemental aspects of magick together!  Learn to use a besom (broom) to sweep out and then sweep in specific energy for your purposes.  This day pulls all the knowledge and training of the previous 3 sections together into a whole package. 

Each program includes a manual with recipes I have used for many years and all materials needed for you to practice with. Magic is a lot of fun and there is a witch in every woman and every man!   There is enough instruction and information for you to begin to practice professionally or produce your own line of products after the program. 
Each Elemental Program is a full day from 10 am to 7 pm.   The Investment for this program is $950 in the USA.   This program is a pre-requisite for the High Priestess and High Priest Initiation Program.

Skills Mastered: Candle Magic, Working with Essential Oils, Making Teas, Washes, Fruit and Flower Waters, Cleansing Space, The Besom, Making Mojo Bags, Your Wand, Your Staff, and Your Shield.  Register at

High Priestess / High Priest Training; The Ceremonies of the Wheel of the Year

Topics:  Each Celebration and Moon cycle has an individual manual. 

Skills Mastered:  Master Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnasadh, and Mabon Celebrations, Ceremonies, Magicakal Work, The Moon Cycles, Esbats, and experience the tides of the wheel of the year.
Investment  1.5 hour for 8 Webinars over 1 year  Register at

Priestess / Priest Training in the Celtic Shamanic Tradition  Seminar Initiation  Register at

To be A Whole Person - Beginning with Energetic Wholeness


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