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Initiation, Esoteric Training, & the Mystery School Basics


Estoteric Teachings are the “core” of your Metaphysical education as you study with the Spiritual Mystery Schools!    We offer 3 degrees of Initiation and to make the process of educating Initiates easier, more cohesive, and ensure a complete curriculum we have packaged a balance seminar program  for each degree of Initiation! 

Mystery School Initiation 

The Motto is “To Know”
The Path of the Soul (As the Outer—So the Inner)

AN ADEPT IS A SEEKER ON THE PATH OF SELF MASTERY:  The Adept Program is a unique way of becoming more involved with the Light Work conducted by the Hierarchy of Light. The Initiation that most or perhaps all Light Workers already have is one of Self Initiation. As we say to the universe that we want to serve we are initiated. Beyond that The Adept initiation is a physical initiation designed to offer tremendous empowerment.  The Adept Initiation will bring us to higher light and knowledge, so that we will have ten times more power to do the work. It will also bring us to full physical and spiritual abundance. After the initiation we are connected to the Magical current and fully connected to the guidance of the Hierarchy of Light.  In truth, once Initiated an Adept you will always be an Adept.  It is the foundation of everything and the Alpha and Omega of the process of enlightenment! 

The Adept Program:

After Adept Initiation Qabalah, Mystery School Core Programs, Esoteric Seminars, Basic training to develop your Gifts of the Spirit are recommended as you continue your Mystery School  education!  Many choose to learn about ceremony once they are Initiated as an Adept.  Ceremonial Master I and Celtic Priestess or Priest Training are enjoyable programs allowing you to experience the love and light of ceremony. 

The Motto is “To Experience”
The Path of the Physical (As the Common - so the Divine)

SECOND DEGREE – PRIESTHOOD:  The Path of Mastering Knowledge and Wisdom through Teaching Others
This initiation builds on the Adept Teachings, and denotes a person who has mastered the basic skills and work of the Adept.   They have demonstrated a maturity and level of responsibility required to TEACH others and hold the higher Priest and Priestess-hood.   Persons who achieve this level will carry the title of Priest or Priestess.   During this period, the Priest or Priestess should be concentrating on learning how to teach and lead others! This involves learning to deal with people individually and within a group setting. They will be focused on sharpening their counseling and teaching skills.

Teachers teach programs in the Light Center or Lodge maintained by the Guide they are initiated through.  Teachers are responsible for the Pre-Initiation programs and some of the training of the Initiated Adepts. They are expected to attend rituals and activities held by the lodge.  Teachers begin to learn to write ceremony, and will now learn how to manipulate the energy of ritual to benefit those in circle. They will, toward the later stages, be invited to sit on a Council and begin to take part in the leadership of the Mystery School.

The Teachers Program:

With Teachers Program and 2nd Degree Initiation mastery of your Gifts of the Spirit, working as a professional healer, and serving as a professional spiritual teacher will become your focus!  Teachers are usually on a fast track for Guide and learning to teach is the purpose of Teacher!  Mastering the teachings of the Mystery School is easy once the basics are completed.   Teacher Initiation energetically opens you to the mysteries.  For Teachers we recommend Qabalah Study, Pathworking, Gifts of the Spirit Intensive, and training as a Priestess or Priest. 
The Motto is “To Reveal”
The Path of the Mysteries (As the Divine – so the Common)

THE CEREMONIAL LEADER AND RITUAL MASTER:  When a Teacher feels they are ready to become a Guide they are welcome to apply. Applications are made to headquarters.   A general assessment is made by both parties. Generally, the items below are taken into consideration. If both agree that the teacher is ready to accept the highest Initiation, the Guide is initiated at the next Ceremony or Temple Celebration held. After initiation, the new Guide begins their training for autonomy and leadership. They work for a minimum of a year and a day to develop their own teaching materials and their own ceremonies and rituals. When the written materials are complete, the new Guide is finished with the Guide Program.

The Guide Program:

Guides Review Everything!  Your program is one of Mastery as you work toward Graduation a year and a day after Initiation:  Ceremonial Master III, Advanced Channeling Skills, Pathworking, The Qabalah Symposium, Qabalah Teacher’s Program, Ceremonial Healing, and Etheric Healer Teacher Certification are suggested for you! 


Hermetic Qabalah
Qabalah is the oldest body of spiritual wisdom in the world, it is also called the Tree of Life.  The teachings of the Tree contains the hidden keys to the secrets of creation, the universe, and self mastery, healing the human heart and revealing the Soul.  Its purpose is to bring clarity through knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to our lives resulting in alignment with our Divinity and the Creator.  In truth, everything we teach in the Mystery tradition comes from the Qabalah and the teachings of the Tree of Life.  It is the key to understanding our work, teachings, and activations!  Because our work and all the modalities we teach are based on the foundation of the Qabalah we claim  that the Lineage of the Ancient Traditions flow behind our work!  Qabalah is the essence of Ancients Ways resulting in Modern Powers! 

For thousands of years, the great Qabalistic sages have taught that every human being is born with the potential for greatness. Qabalah is the means for activating that potential within yourself. Qabalah is the science and art of ascension.

The Tree of Life or Hermetic Qabalah is a simple system of understanding yourself and of reconnecting with the Divine and the God essence within you.  Qabalah awakens dormant energies, opens you to your ability of manifestation, and opens the gates of the soul.   Qabalah is the most powerful tool on the planet for manifestation, self-discovery, and empowerment.

To learn how to live properly within the Tree of Life is simple. Study the spheres (qualities of Divinity) on the Tree, integrating that divine energy and its qualities into your life. 

Hermetic Qabalah gives direct solutions to many problems, and helps you answer some of the most important questions a human has, such as:
   Who am I?
   What am I?
   Where did I come from?
   Where am I going?
   What is my purpose in life?
The Qabalah establishes a new world of thought, and it opens gates to hidden dimensions of understanding and awareness of yourself and the universe. It is a journey into the process of divine creation and into each part of its vast manifestation.

Through Qabalah, the very DNA of life is explained and understood, allowing the individual to change both inwardly and outwardly. Quieting your mind and awakening inner gifts, Qabalah is truly a transformative tool.
Your Qabalah Instructor is a tour guide to support you through the process of self discovery.  Each Sephirah has its own unique energetic signature and process in creation, helping us view our daily lives through the qualities and aspects of that sphere. If we understand how creation occurs, we can learn to manifest and create for ourselves, according to our highest path and greatest good.  Instead of "teaching" you Qabalah, your Instructor acts as a facilitator assisting you to bring forth the essence of your Soul,  YOUR true self and unlocking the highest potential that is within you. 
We welcome you and look forward to taking this journey with you.

Pathworking on the Tree of Life:  Advanced Qabalah


Pathworking is the art of clairvoyantly investigating the Paths of the Tree of Life     
Pathworking is taught through the use of the archetypes symbolized through the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet and the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Pathworking uses mythology, meditation, and powerful symbolism. 
 Pathworking draws the Qabalist from the Supernal Triad to the Physical world allowing full mastery of the Tree and powers  of manifestation in this world!

Come into understanding of the highest, most abstract Theurgy; transitioning into the Supernal consciousness; integrate the qualities of Adepthood; and cross the bridge between your Personality and Individuality.

Energetic Hygiene and Soul Retrieval, Psychic Self Defense, Dimensional Gates and Their Management, and Advanced Energetic Clearing-

3 Levels of Training on Dealing with The Things that Go Bump in the Night! 

Sooner or later everyone on the Spiritual path experiences something.  The experience may range from unsettling to horrific.  Many Spiritual seekers quit because of this kind of experience.  Learn to manage these energies and understand the experiences and you will be prepared instead of frightened or confused. 

Topics:– Maintaining Energetic Integrity and Hygiene.  Releasing Earth Bound Entities, House Clearing, Entities, Is it really psychic attack?  What is possession?  What is obsession? Exorcism as Healing.  Dimensional Gates, Portals, and working with these entry points into our world.  Advanced Energetic Clearing and Ancient Ceremonies of Light to heal and release.  All the spooky stuff you can imagine is contained in these 3 programs dedicated to your energetic WHOLENESS and clarity!

Skills Mastered -   Cord Cutting, Energetic Techniques include Recapitulation, Archangel Michael Tube of Light, Tubing yourself and others, and Exorcism Healing Modality.  Mastery Ceremonies to Seal and Protect Natural Gates and Portals, and Release Earth Bound Entities.

Basic Energetic Hygiene and Soul Retrieval Theory is offered as a Webinar:  - Register at

Hermetic Alchemical Teachings:

Alchemy is a deep aspect of metaphysical teachings and is an art, not an exact science.  Alchemy is the art of intentionally raising the rate of our vibration. The process of Alchemy is said to change what is to something else, or to create something from nothing.  The inner, Spiritual and mental process of change through Alchemy is called Transformation.  The physical process of change through Alchemy is called Transmutation.  How it happens is called the Great Mystery.”

All those who have achieved enlightenment in their lifetimes have done so through the Alchemy of Light.  Even though we call it a mystery, it is very simple!  Increase the level of light and vibration in the body and the result will be higher consciousness and everything we call Spiritual evolution.  

To begin to work with the alchemy only general knowledge is necessary.  (We do not have to know how the computer works to use it).   Alchemy is usually considered magic because no one can explain HOW it works!   Intending to evolve is the very process of  starting to evolve. As you do more, the transformation accelerates.  

Hermetic Alchemy Basic Webinar:

When we think of Alchemy we usually start with the Universal idea that alchemists are those who turn lead to gold.  There is truth in this idea, but there is much more to it than that. 

As I teach I talk about Alchemy constantly.  Often I am asked “What is Alchemy?  Is it a Spiritual Pseudoscience, is it laboratory work?  Many think of Alchemy according the archetype of the Old Magician in his basement laboratory.  Most think of Alchemy in relationship to the Eye of Newt, Wing of Bat spells and incantations used to produce a universal elixir that makes one immortal and changes straw into Gold. 
Alchemy is the search for the Qunitessence or vital life force that is life itself.  We isolate the Quintessence so it can be condensed, purified, or manipulated to manifest the will of the Alchemist.  Alchemy is the ART of evolution.  It is the process of evolving all organisms to the highest level of perfection possible while still in a physical form.  This is the Great Work.  Register at

 Hermetic Astrology Basic Webinar:

“”As above - so below”, This is the opening phrase of the Emerald Tablet of Hermes, and is called the Hermetic Principle of Correspondence.  Astrology is based on this teaching.  All outward events mirror inward processes.  The physical world mirrors the Divine realms.   Many scientists are vaguely admit that a relationship exists between the order seen in the heavens and the order expressed in human lives.   Astrology reveals Man to himself.  It shows us the relationship between God and the Macrocosm, and Man to the Microcosm.  It demonstrates the fundamental Unity of all things!
The Spirit chooses the exact moment of birth so that it may utilize the cosmic and energetic pattern imprinted upon its personality at birth for the purposes of its evolution.  This imprinting serves to determine the major incarnation lesson, in order to achieve the purpose of this life.  It is greatest help to know what that lesson is.  Astrology can help with that process. 

This basic seminar on chart interpretation offers you this knowledge so you may determine the astrological pattern of each individual and know the relative strengths and weaknesses of the various influences energetically imprinting each life.  To the degree that we are know ourselves and understand this knowledge of the influences we can begin systematic, scientific character rebuilding and character is destiny! Register at 

Hermetic Tarot Basics Webinar:

An old Chinese Proverb states, “a picture is worth 10,000 words”.  I define Tarot as the Alchemical process of evolving your consciousness.  The Alchemy occurs because each picture can be seen in an infinite number of ways.  As we use the Keys to Consciousness we get what we need. Each of us can look at the tarot keys and project ourselves into the scene, interpreting the meanings according to our human experiences that are similar.   No two people will interpret a tarot card the same way!  This is what makes the Tarot so powerful AND such an important tool of consciousness!      

Skills Mastered:   Basic Skills in using the Tarot Major Arcana Keys, Activating Your Deck, Ability to Read and use the Tarot keys as tools of transformation, Tarot magick, Creating a Talisman, Tarot spreads, Alchemical Spreads, and the Incarnation Hexagram.  Register at

Esoteric Knowledge Webinars:

Meditation Basics
Every Spiritual tradition requires Spiritual seekers to learn to Mediate, often using a specific technique.  Why? Meditation brings in additional energy, and energy is the fuel that allows you to use the Gifts of the Spirit, heal another, work ceremony, or manifest!   Meditation is a discipline, and although it is a simple concept, meditation is not easy.   We begin Meditation training with the most basic technique guaranteeing to deliver the energy necessary to live a prosperous and joyous life.  We teach you to breathe, then to center and clear yourself, and then we teach you to concentrate.  Learning to meditate will deliver life long results equal to your consistency and discipline! Meditate to connect with the Divine flow of energy and you will experience greater joy, better concentration and clarity in your daily life, improved health, divine contact, and the ability to manifest anything you can imagine! 

Topics Include:  What is Meditation, What does it do, How will it benefit me?  Cleansing Breath, Clearing Techniques, Centering, Concentration, Trance, Visualization, and More! The basic Mystery School meditations are included in the course!  Register at

The Sacred Altar
It is said that the Altar represents the face of God and magically represents the center of the universe as well as the center of the yourself. It is the working surface of ritual, the focus of awareness and your personal empowerment. The Altar defines Sacred space.  Sacred Space is a physical place where the divine or the supernatural can be glimpsed or experienced – and where we may have contact with something larger beyond ourselves and our physical reality.   To create an altar we first recognize the need to connect to connect to something divine, beyond our world and everyday experience.  Then we find the Spiritual part of ourselves within.   The next step is to move that space from within to a specific place in the physical world.    Your altar reflects inner self and manifests your connection to God or Goddess.   Joseph Campbell states, “sacred space is a place where wonder can be revealed.”   For thousands of years we have worked to bring the divine or supernatural into the physical time and space through one simple act:   Building an Altar.  Your spiritual growth will be amplified with the simple act of building an altar.  These teachings reveal the hidden but “true secrets” of manifestation that have been held within the Mystery Traditions for thousands of years. 
Topics:  The history of Altars, types of altars, how to create your own altar, portable altars, the elements and directions, cleansing and clearing space, consecrating your altar, table of correspondences for building your altar according to purpose, a dictionary of symbols is included in your program manual.

Skills Mastered:  12 Exercises to Guide you through the process of establishing your Altar.  Meditation techniques to find the divine within, bridging energy, setting sacred space, consecrating your altar, establishing a circle, and more!  Register at

The Adept Theory:

The word Adept literally means to master oneself.   The process of becoming an Adept is called “the great work” and for most seekers it takes a lifetime of study to begin to understand what that means.  Normally, the mysteries of Adepthood are revealed over time through the curriculum and graded teachings of the Mystery traditions.   These teachings lead each Initiate to complete the great work (which is defined as the union of the body, soul, and spirit) during the physical lifetime. 

The Adept Theory Webinar is a pre-initiation program, designed to offer you a basic introduction to the Mystery teachings.  Adept programs are designed to provide you with a great beginning in your metaphysical education and provide you with the tools that will support you in the process of Mastering yourself   The Adept Theory Webinar offers information on cosmology, Kabbalah, and consciousness.  This pre-initiation program introduces you to the concepts of Initiation so that you may determine if the Initiatory path is YOUR path.  This program  prepares you for service as a lightworker serving humankind in partnership with the Hierarchy of Light.  

After the Adept Theory Webinar the next step is to be Initiated in sacred ceremony.  Once initiated, you are qualified to attend the (Neo) Adept Intensive where you will learn to perform 24 Strand DNA Activation®, Basic Energetic Balancing, Starseed Healing Modality, Unified Chakra Alignment, and Cap Removal.  You will also learn the Rituals of the Adept, Toning, and much more!     As an Adept you will be qualified to continue your education as a healer, teacher, and metaphysician through the Teacher’s Core Programs in preparation for Power Week I!   A new career in your own light center as a healer, teacher, professional reader, and leader of light may be yours in less than a year! 

Topics:  What is Initiation? What are the “degrees” or grades of Initiation? What are the benefits of Initiation?  Your service with the Hierarchy of Light, the Cosmology of Heaven, ritual, the dimensions of the physical and spiritual realms, the human potential, influence of the ego upon the true self or “individuality”, the cycle of human processes, the human energies, the powers of the universe, the keys of success, the Divine laws, Kabbalah basics, the four worlds, the Pattern on the Trestleboard, and introduction to meditation, 
Skills Mastered:  Basic understanding of Adept Theory and understanding of Initiation Register at

Adept II:  The Theories of Light:

This program has a pre-requisite:  Adept Theory Webinar or an Adept Program with a valid Mystery School Guide
The purpose of Adept II is to build your understanding of consciousness, metaphysics, the Rays, Light, the Divine Names, and To prepare you to work with Vibration.  This is an expanded program that goes far beyond the basic teachings of Adept II – Energy Basics that is offered by valid Guides of Spiritual Mystery Schools.  So much content has been added that it can be called a NEW program!   Learn valuable, detailed information on the parts of light which will allowing you to precisely work with each distinct energy in the Adept Intensive. 

Topics:  The Light, the Rays, vibrational healing and the properties of heat, the 72 names of God, the Wisdom Pyramid, Consciousness, and more.

Skills Mastered:  A beginning understanding of light which is the manifestation of energy, and knowledge of how to use it.  A basic understanding of consciousness and how to work with it.  The Sword of Michael and Toning.  The programs offers you two Exercises and 5 Assignments to work with in the months ahead as you prepare to begin your work as an Adept. Register at

Astral Travel:

There are no pre-requisites for this program although Adept Theory and Adept II – The Theories of Light are highly recommended.  Initiation is not required to participate!
You may be surprised to learn that everyone astral travels. Every night when you sleep you travel up the tunnel of light we call your “Central Core” into the astral zones.  When you reach the 7th Spiritual Dimension or the Akashic zone, you “upload” a record of everything you said, did, and thought during the entire day. There are no exceptions to this rule. During sleep your purpose for astral traveling is led by your Higher Self and the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light.   You do not have awareness or control of this natural Astral Projection.  If you Project in the awakened state you are guided by your own choice of where to go and what to.  
What is astral travel?  You expand your consciousness in order to travel outside of the physical body.  It is a technique of learning to shift consciousness from point A to point B within your own being.  With these techniques you can have total remembrance.   In the Astral Travel webinar you will learn exercises that you practice at home.  
General Rule:   In all astral travel, be quiet, humble and extremely careful.

Topics:  Methods for leaving the physical body, where to travel, how to travel, the conditions for astral projections, morals and ethics in astral travel, protected space to travel from, and the collective consciousness of Humankind.
Skills Mastered:  Exercises and journeys to allow you to consciously astral travel.  Register at

Sacred Space I: Divine Geometry

The objective of this workshop is to open each participant to experience the energies of Heaven, which are present in the manifested material of the World. Geometry as an art is formed in heaven before anything can be created. This art is based on the first three symbols of Heaven:
Topics:  The Basics of Divine Geometry, What do they symbolize, How to Activatethe Divine Geometries within yourself?  Using Divine Geometries to open your energy centers. Setting Sacred Space

Skills Mastered:   Emblazon the 3 Sacred Geometry Keys to Heaven into your being, (body, mind, soul, & spirit), Connect Your Mind with the Holy Spirit, Mesh Sacred Geometry with the Four Elements to enable all of your Physical Creations to be imbued with The Divine.  Activate a room with Sacred Geometry, Convert a room to a Sacred Temple, Apply Sacred Geometry in Daily Life (cooking, travel, writing…….), The Temple of Melchizadek and the Temple of Noah are included for your meditation and personal empowerment. Register at    

The Twelve Races of Earth

This is one of the more entertaining and interesting teachings of the Mystery Traditions.   The Twelve Races of Earth teaches us about the other beings inhabiting the Earth along with humankind!   It is “said” that approximately 20% of the population of Earth is “non-human” however these beings are our half brothers and sisters.  All 12 Races are called “Adamic Seed” which means that we are all the children of Adam – the name Kabbalah gives to the first human.    The teachings state that Adam was originally the Divine being Archangel Michael who fell, becoming a living physical being.  All those who are descended from this Divine being are considered “Adamic Seed”.   The 11 Non-Human Races are the children of Archangel Michael BEFORE his fall.  Some call these beings “Starseed,” and stories indicate they populated the Earth long before Humankind came to be!

This fascinating and unusual program offers information that is not taught in religious traditions, or anywhere except the Sacred and Secret Mystery Traditions. 

Topics:  The names of the 12 Races and explanation of each including their territory and specialties.  The prophesied 13th Race or Adam Kadmon.  Register at

The Process of Spiritual Evolution

As we awaken to our true Divinity and empowerment there are distinct stages in consciousness, physicality, emotional expression, and energy.   This program is presented as a tool for Spiritual seekers to determine where they are at and what they need to do to move forward in personal evolution and empowerment. 

Topics:  The energetic steps toward the Body of Light, emotional changes, consciousness stages, tools for support.  The motto is “Know Thyself” – but which “Self” should I concentrate on as I work toward Authenticity?  How do I support others as they move through the stages of Spiritual Evolution?  Kundalini and other kinds of Awakenings.   Register at

The History of Mystery Schools

Legends in many different parts of the world and different cultures state that the Mysteries were taught to mankind by angels or gods.  Our tradition states that Man was not the first of creation to make the journey into individuality and then return to ONENESS. Those who have traveled the path of ONEness before us are sometimes willing to give mankind a helping hand. We consider them to be our Elder Brothers and Sisters and call them the Magi.  In the Mystery Traditions we call them by their official title, “The Masters of the Hierarchy of Light” which is a Spiritual Hierarchy devoted to assisting Humankind in evolving.   The Magi guide the development of humanity by founding Mystery Schools. Originally these schools were formed in Atlantis.

Topics:  The Legend of Atlantis, the purpose of mystery schools, how they came to be, and Mystery Schools for modern times.   Register at

New Age Versus Metaphysical Teaching Organization

The evolution of the New Age movement has caused the Sacred and Secret Lodges, Mystery Schools, and Esoteric Teaching Organizations to OPEN their doors and proclaim “No More Secrets”.   It has also spawned competition, criticism, spiritual significance issues, misunderstandings, and CONFUSION. 

Topics:  What is the difference between New Age, Spiritual Teachers, and Esoteric Mystery Traditions, or Schools?  Is one better than the other?  How do all the varieties of traditions, modalities, teachers, and healers fit together to manifest the WHOLENESS movement evolving humankind toward a New Age of light?  What is the purpose of a Mystery School?  How to choose a Spiritual Teacher?  Register at

What is Lightbody and the Alchemy of Consciousness 

The legendary abilities of the Light body bring many to seek Spiritual Evolution.  The essential gift we receive as a result of developing the Light Body is to create the union between the higher consciousness and the physical consciousness, allowing one to live as an evolved being of higher awareness. Many consider this a worthy goal for all Spiritual Seekers to achieve!

This perfected individual is said to be capable of operating within the ordinary world through an altered vehicle of consciousness which is beyond normal human capacity. For an individual, this is the most exalted stage of human development. There is one school of thought that believes as more and more of humankind intentionally achieves Light Body development and activation, in time everyone will also achieve activation. For humankind, this is thought to be the final stage of evolution.

 The specialty work of Spiritual Mystery Schools, especially 7th Ray Mystery School is directed toward building and manifesting the Light Body, one person at a time!  The 24 Strand DNA Activation ® and Adam Kadmon® Program have been developed with the Guidance of Archangel Metatron to activate then develop the Light Body.  Most people think of this process as “New Age” but in reality it is a teaching that is thousands of years old. 

Topics:  What is the Lightbody?  The history of Light Body Teachings, Activation and Initiation, Light Body in other traditions, Adam Kadmon and 24 Strand DNA Activation, What is Alchemy, How does Alchemy impact consciousness, and what are the levels of Light Body Consciousness?  Open discussion of various methods for DNA Activation.

Skills Mastered:  Light Body Meditation  Register at

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