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Each Mystery School has “Specialty Work.” This is how each School makes a unique contribution to humankind.  Spiritual Mystery School’s Specialty work is 24 Strand DNA Activation®.  We call this service The Adam Kadmon® Activation.

The purpose of DNA Activation is to provide a PHYSICAL process resulting in the manifestation of the Light Body. 

The techniques in these landmark programs train you to activate Etheric DNA, resulting in the Adam Kadmon Body of Light. The Body of Light is a part of the energy structures within and around the human body. It is your connection to the Divine and allows you to live in an environment of light. In prophecy, the Body of Light, called Adam Kadmon (Divine God Human,) will allow you to manifest our Spiritual Gifts and begin the Alchemical Transmutation/ Transformation of your physical form.

The Mystery School has been offering techniques for activation since 1998, and tens of thousands have been activated. We find this work to be empowering and satisfying for those who offer DNA Activation Services. We have heard about the transformation and tremendous benefits this protocol has brought to many, usually within a few months of receiving it!

The 7th Ray Mystery School teaches two methods to activate Adam Kadmon.

The first takes place in an Adam Kadmon Seminar format and requires the participants to be in the energy for at least 6 hours as they “Attune” to the energy. Activation takes place at the end of the seminar using a special Metal and Crystal Wand or a 10 foot by 10 foot Titanium Adam Kadmon Gate.  This activation  requires only a few minutes to complete. The Adam Kadmon Seminar with Activation requires that the Activator be a Guide or 3rd Degree Initiate, and this training is ONLY offered during Guide Power Week each May.

The second method takes place as a private session.  It requires approximately 60 minutes to perform, and may be combined with other Etheric Healing techniques or the Starseed Healing Modality. This private session requires Adept or 1st Degree Initiation, and training programs are available in many US and International locations from Guides and Teachers who are certified DNA Activation Teachers. DNA Activation Teachers Training is ONLY offered each August during Teachers Power Week.



DNA Activation – Your DNA contains the blueprint for who you are as a Divine being. It contains the encoded information regarding your physical and spiritual lineage. The DNA Activation will give you access to the secrets and mysteries of who you are and what your purpose is, yielding answers to the questions: Why am I here? What are my gifts and talents? Where did I come from? Am I doing what I “should” upposed to be doing in my life? And more...

24 Strand DNA Activation®

From the beginning of time, Prophecies and Myths have spoken of Humankind evolving into a "God Like" being. The Kabbalah has called this being of prophecy the Adam Kadmon - which means literally, "God Human". The Mystery Schools have spoken of the Great Work - defined as reuniting the Body and Soul with the Spirit which is the transformation of the self, into the highest potential being - striving to reach this exalted state.

Every culture has its legend of a perfected God-Human which will emerge at the end of Human Evolution. Every culture has its legend of the first human, who was a being like The God and Goddess. This God-Human is a being of God-like power, God-Like creativity, and lives in a state of 'divine contact'. The God-Human of mythology symbolizes both the beginning and the end of Human Kind. It is the Alpha and Omega - the beginning and the end. In the tradition of the 7th Ray Mystery School, the Kabbalah, Adam Kadmon® is the name used for this God-like being. It refers to the legend of "Adam" as first man and woman, (Adam means many and refers to the entire human race) and our return to that state of being. It refers to the "Kadmon" or completion. It is a return to our beginning but with all the knowledge and wisdom of the physical world integrated.

This is why we call this program The Adam Kadmon. The Adam Kadmon Workshops are about living in a new way, in order to become a different kind of Human. The teachings are simple, they are followed by a 24 Strand DNA Activation®®" which is designed to create that "return to the Divine State".

Divine Law is: As Above - So Below. The Mystery Teachings are: Everything, which exists in the physical, must first be created in the Spirit. Everything physical has its counterpart in Spirit. If there are 12 strands of physical DNA, there are 12 Spiritual DNA strands. DNA activation must include both the Spiritual as well as the physical.
All Mystery School traditions have a Ritual and Activation Process which results in activation of 11 of 12 strands (which we call "Codons") of the Physical and Spiritual DNA. The two Codons which are not activated by this method are called the Galactic Code (physical DNA), and the Divinity Code (Spiritual DNA). All mystery traditions have taught that when humankind is ready, a technique would be given to activate the last two Codons. The Activation of these Codons would result in the manifestation of the Adam Kadmon, that God-Like Human!
This is work that King Salomon began, nearly 3000 years ago. Finally, we may finish this! We may complete the cycle and become the perfected human - transforming from Humankind to Humanity. What a glorious time to live in!


On May 21, 1998 we had a physical contact with beings from another world. We saw their "Plasma Ship" in blinding light as it went into a lake in Southern Idaho. It resembled the Plasma Ships, which were photographed near Mexico City a short time ago. These beings call themselves The Nathors. (The Nathors are not related to the Hathors - who are entirely different beings with a different purpose.) They are physical beings, although of higher vibration and lower density than we are. Contact with them continued over three weeks. During this time we learned from the Nathors. We experienced their "Light Ship" and their ways of being. We were shown wondrous technology! After the Nathors were finished showing us their 'goodies', they made us an offer. The Nathors would give us an "Activation Technology" for 24 Strand DNA Activation®®. They requested that we offer this through the Mystery School®.

The Nathors explained this DNA technology was the method used to complete their Ascension beyond the third and fourth dimensions. This is how their population became the Adam Kadmon of their World.

We conferred with others, who had contact with Galactic beings. The information from the Nathors was consistent with that of other Galactic Sources of Light. We found the information from the Nathors was consistent with the Mystery Traditions we know.

The Nathors explained; at the annual Deepa Vali celebration of Light in October, there would be enough light on Earth for the Activation Technology to work properly. We shared this story with our students and our friends, inviting them to experiment with us. In October 1998, the first activation group experienced this Procedure.

The Nathors stated that we must activate Twenty Percent of the Human population by the end of 2005. This will create critical mass, and the rest of our population will shift into activated status as a result. At this time enough people have been activated through the Mystery School to shift the energy and we can now offer the 24 Strand DNA Activation® on an individual basis. We invite you to become part of the Great Change!


This increase in Light within your body is specifically focused to create the Physical Side of Ascension. Remember, the potential of Light manifesting within the physical body is limitless! Anything that is called a "manifestation of Light" will be the result. Light manifests differently in each person.

We cannot tell you specifically what it will do for you. Generally result of the activation is: The Gifts of the Spirit which you were born with will be brought to full empowerment. Your intellectual and creative gifts will be amplified. Your ability to manifest will develop. You will gain your birthright to Divine Connection.

The Nathors were very clear that humankind has excelled in the emotional, mental, and Spiritual processes of Evolution. They stated that we are ready for Ascension at those levels of being. The only thing thing limiting us is the Physical Body. The purpose of the Adam Kadmon is to provide Humankind the physical change necessary for physical Ascension!


22 Strand DNA Activation

Our perspective is from the Mystery Tradition. Through the years the Mystery School has certified thousands of Teachers and Guides to perform the activation.  Many are qualified to offer 22 Strand DNA Activation Services. 

From 1998 to 2007 our Mystery School approached DNA Activation in a two step process.  In 2007 there was enough light available to support full 24 Strand DNA Activation® in a one step approach.   Beginning in 2007 Spiritual Mystery Schools began offering individual 24 Strand DNA Activation® Private Sessions as well as the Adam Kadmon Seminar. 

 The 22 Strand DNA Activation (individual private session) was the first step followed by the full 24 Strand DNA Activation® through an Adam Kadmon Activation Seminar about 3 months later.  We found those who have 22 Strand Activation BEFORE the Adam Kadmon, get a head start on integration. They have an easier adjustment as the Adam Kadmon process transforms the body and the energy field or Aura.  Often, lght is most easily assimilated in stages rather than all at once. We can say that regardless which kind of DNA Activation was performed before, all those receiving Adam Kadmon got full benefit from the activation!

There are many ways to transform the DNA but these modalities do NOT provide activation.. The process of transforming from what you are to a higher vibration being isn't easy. The Mystery School Traditions provide an essential support structure for those receiving the Adam Kadmon Activation.


There is information being put forth through the Media, preparing humankind for this mass transformation. The theme of Transformation and Ascension is obvious in many movies and books. Movies: The Matrix; Mission to Mars Book: One Door Away From Heaven by Dean Koontz (A Nathor is one of the heroes in this book)

Common Questions about DNA activation:

Who is a candidate for DNA Activation?   DNA Activation can be performed on anyone! There is only one reason activation is offered, EMPOWERMENT! 

Can I activate my own DNA?   Many technologies and techniques are available that will open the DNA to the 12th strand. Activating strands beyond that require the service of one who is trained and initiated at the physical level to offer this specialized spiritual work.

Does DNA Activation heal disease? This activation is not a healing per se, but is an empowerment that can aid each of us in our healing process.

Can animals be DNA Activated? Yes, they have the same Codons as a human being, and animals benefit from this in surprising ways.

How long does DNA Activation take to completely finish? Most completely integrate the light and begin manifesting the Adam Kadmon Light Body within 9 months. Others complete the activation in different time spans.

Do I need more than one DNA Activation in my lifetime?
Only one session is necessary. However, many benefit from "tune up" sessions. In our experience with this modality we have found that everyone likes the light! It feels good to have that extra light that DNA activation brings us. Tune Up sessions may include other modalities that support integration of the Adam Kadmon Light Body. We have found that tune up sessions spaced 3 to 6 months apart after Activation is helpful and supportive.

Your DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is an essential component of all living matter and it consists of a sugar base, phosphates, and a sequencing of nucleotides. It is unique and very personal. It contains encoded information relative to both your physical and spiritual lineage. This information determines your physical form, hereditary maladies, mental proclivities, emotional and behavioral patterns, spiritual gifts, and much more! The DNA also carries a form of Light Coding from Spirit. This coding carries detailed information about your Spirit and its experience before this life, your purpose in this life, your relationship contracts, and it even defines the timing of many events in life. In this Certification training program you learn to work with the Light Code of the DNA to activate and read it.

DNA is the blueprint for your life purpose and divine potentialities. Your DNA contains the blueprint for who you are as a Divine being. It is God given, holy, and defines your uniqueness because it contains the encoded information regarding your physical and spiritual lineage. The DNA Activation and reading gives you access to the secrets and mysteries of who you are and what your purpose is. It helps you answer the questions, “Who am I, Why am I here? What are my gifts and talents? Where did I come from?”

This complete DNA activation has the potential to bring you into a divine state of being called the Adam Kadmon or Divine God Human.


Individual 24 Strand Activation and

Group Adam Kadmon Seminar Activation

DNA Activation Training, Basic DNA Reading, & 11th Codon Reading

Reading the Light Code we call DNA is something that everyone can learn to do. With the proper training and knowledge of activation and reading techniques you will be able to open the DNA Strands that we call "Codons," to activate, empower, and even read the Light Code for your clients.
The DNA Light Coding includes Spirit DNA, Soul DNA, and Physical DNA. This code is accessible in specific locations of the etheric energy body just outside the physical body. All 3 levels of the DNA can be activated by light as it is channeled through a specially made Adam Kadmon or Etheric Wand. This light flows into the codons and then outward to activate the body and the spirit. Over time the 12 Physical DNA strands will activate and so will the Spirit strands. The result of this is Complete 24 Strand DNA activation.
Some believe that this activation has come to us from ancient Atlantean Technology; others claim ancient Mystery School Traditions. As the new millennium progresses and the dawn of an Age of Light begins, each of us is moving out of the limited human experience into a different level of being.
Benefits of DNA Activation:

  • Brings in and enables you to hold more light in your physical body
  • Empowers you to maximize your potential to bring forth unrealized talents and abilities
  • Gives you more Energy and Clarity
  • Strengthens your Immune System
  • Assists releasing of Unconscious patterns
  • Increases your ability to use more of your brain
  • Creates the greatest potential for the full connection and integration with your Higher Self
  • Facilitates clearing of family and genetic karmic patterns

In summary, your body has a consciousness of its own and it needs your cooperation as it moves through the many changes that lie ahead. This tool of empowerment will assist your body and your consciousness in integrating the light, as well as evolving into your full potential quickly and peacefully.
This activation is a tremendous gift that will assist you in your own healing process at deep levels. The genetic structure is activated, empowered, and at times altered.
Begin by offering your clients, friends, and family the gift of this Activation! The world is waiting for you to bring them the Light!

A specially constructed Etheric Healing Wand is required to perform DNA activations and to participate in this program. The wand is made of Sage to cleanse the area as it is worked with and the crystals used have been charged for a year by Metatron and Marabiel.  These handmade crystal wands are specifically created by an Initiate and Shaman for Etheric Healing and DNA Activation. This tool is critical to the success of the DNA Activation. No other tool is an adequate substitute.

  • Attunement as an Adept & DNA Activator - Connection to the Hierarchy of Light and the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light and Empowerment to perform this tremendous Spiritual work! 
  • What is the Spiritual DNA or Soul DNA and how is it created. Where does it come from?
  • The Structure of the Etheric Energy Body
  • Preparation exercises and meditations

Skills Mastered:

  • Accessing the DNA Light Code and area for activation
  • The Activation Ritual
  • 1- 12 X 12 X 4 Protocol
  • Activation Practice
  • Basic DNA Reading Techniques
  • Antimony and Aftercare
  • And Much More… 

24 Strand DNA Activation® Teachers Training and 11th Codon DNA Reading:
Offered Exclusively at Power Week I:  TEACHERS PROGRAM:  

Power Week I:  Teachers  I Topics and Skills Mastered:

  • 24 Strand Etheric DNA Activation Energy Check & Teachers Training (Teachers Plus Program - Handing Down)
  • DNA Reading Advanced – Perform Professional 11th Codon DNA Readings including Past Life, Contract Readings, and Dimensional Lineage Information!
  • Gifts Basic Teachers Program
  • Core Programs Handing Down for Teachers
  • Healer Training Program Skills Mastered:
    • Etheric Healing Basic
    • Etheric Healing Advanced
    • Laying on Stones
    • Starseed Healing
    • Unified Chakra Awakening

   And more…….
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